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As President of this service corporation, it seems to matter that you know I am a Vietnam veteran and this is a free community service offered to most all adults seeking help through Peace and Conflict Resolution.Org (P&, for which I am a volunteer.

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Our hypnosis services are built around your personal enjoyable experience during past life regression therapy, and mitigation of matters you seek help in relieving. Since you remember little after emerging from somnambulistic trance, we record the session for you. We tackle many issues all the time: Physical Problems, Trauma,PTSDMissing Time, Exploration by the Inquisitive, and Finding this Life’s True Purpose. We also have an Outreach to innovatively organized and run Correctional Facilities that are able to encourage their inmates in finding transformative breakthroughs. We find when one experiences a moving revelation on the spiritual level during regression hypnosis, as to life’s true purpose, for example, it seems to open a doorway to a release of anxiety, a  humbling-of-self, leading towards self-forgiveness, forgiveness of others, a sense of gratitude, a grace of spiritual awakening that settles upon one, and the emotional attunement realized by a release of fear. This creates a strong and new foundation for the daily pursuit of personal growth leaving behind those aspects of ego that blind one from finding truth, love, and compassion.

Clients use us for Health, COPD relief, PTSD, Missing Time, Relationships, Changing Habits, Wellness, Forgiveness, Stress, Pain Management, Phobias, Insomnia, Spiritual Growth, Self Confidence, Grief, Relief From Panic Attacks, Achieving Goals in Academics, Career, Athletics, Life, and Removing Blocks to personal progress,Meet Your Personal Spirit Guide and dream interpretation.


This service is free of charge. We strive to enable you to find your inner “Fix-it Switch” to find the relief and changes you seek. The technique uses past life regression as a tool to enter a conversation with your Subconscious (It works sort-of like this Bob Snow’s audio tape, but we take it further to reach and communicate with your Subconscious): LA Detective Bob Snow. Bob started regression hypnosis out of a cocktail party suggestion and wasn’t seeking relief of any sort, whereas you probably have specific goals or may just be curious. Unless stated otherwise in writing, we are not rescuers, medical doctors, psychologists, nurses, psychics or trained health care professionals. Rather we are well trained hypnosis guides and technicians conversant with hypnosis techniques and very informed on its usefulness and applications. As principal volunteer service provider of Peace and Conflict Resolution.Org, for most of my life I studied and was engaged in engineering, aviation (Vietnam US Marine jet pilot), construction, banking, appraising, business sales, finance and real estate sales, leasing and development. I personally still maintain a practice in most of those fields.

Through P&CR.Org, where I serve as a volunteer service provider, I personally provide free, deep-somnambulistic trance regression hypnosis that strives to take you into vividly experiencing and reliving transformative, seemingly real past-life(s) selected by your Subconscious and/or real past events in this current life you seek to investigate. You do not need to believe in reincarnation to successfully use this service.

We move you into a state of objective observer so you do not personally experience trauma, but observe and evaluate its roots, meaning and significance. We then work with your Subconscious to help you heal yourself. We work to guide you to the healing place and your Subconscious actively organizes the solutions appropriate to your needs.

Often the Subconscious will allow you to see and report a past life trauma that carries forward, manifesting itself in this life after piggy-backing on stressful current life events sharing commonalities with stressful past life experiences such as mortal combat, sexual abuse, and other extremely stressful experiences. For example, dying of starvation in an earlier life can pattern you to over eat, feeling hungry all the time in your current life, leading to all sorts of over-eating health issues in this life. Being burned at the stake or dying in flames in a past life, or a mortal wound, sometimes transmutes through into your current life as facial or body birth marks. Sometimes birthmarks can be mitigated noticeably. Taking a vow of chastity in a former life can create sexual dysfunction in your current life, this is very common. Such a vow is a soul level vow that can usually be dropped in this life with help from your Subconscious that the former life vow has expired with the ending of the former life.

The Subconscious has no sense of time and often does not know what body you are living in. It needs to be reasoned with as one reasons with a child, lovingly, patiently, and respectfully. Drowning or being drowned in a past life may come through as an unreasonable fear of water in this life. Death during combat in a past life, or torture, intense combat related stress in a past life, may all have unique battlefield sounds, stress patterns, even visuals each identical in some way to sounds of combat you heard on the front lines of mortal combat in this life, triggering PTSD episodes rooted in a past life. Imagine this: Flash-backs into a former life’s trauma is also possible. Can you imagine the mental confusion this would cause?  How would one ever know what was being experienced now? Missing time issues when you sense something happened and you can not remember. Your Subconscious knows.

Not everyone can be helped by this technique. Some clients (not speaking now about PTSD) do not want to be cured and feel secure retaining their ailments. While others (some practitioners believe) have binding between-life karmic contracts not yet satisfied. As a practitioner, speaking only for my process, I work to reason with your Subconscious while you are in deep somnambulistic trance to agree that your karmic debt has been satisfied. In PTSD cases, I work with your Subconscious to explain to us what is the root cause of your PTSD and then reason with it to relieve you of further episodes. Your Subconscious will usually tell us, yes or no, or tell us you are not ready for relief, or, if your Subconscious is not yet ready to speak to the hypnotist it may say nothing at all. Eventually it can usually be reasoned with.  (*The subconscious is very literal and responds to what it is told to do. It does not understand the concept of time, and carries out unconscious instructions, no matter which body the person is wearing at the time. In its primary job as protector it feels it is required to guard the body, no matter what the insignificant conscious mind wills it to do. This is why it is so important to recognize the subconscious’ power and to deal directly with the subconscious in therapy. If this crucial part of the mind does not understand it is really harming the body, and agree to work on reconciling the problem, then no amount of therapy will work. The therapist has to convince the subconscious that, although it is only doing its job as protector, this is a different body that does not need the disruptive type of protection. It has to be given a different set of instructions that will be more helpful and beneficial to the subject. It has to be spoken to as one would speak to a child, and startling results can occur when it agrees to cooperate…..Dolores Cannon)